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Rotary Torque

Rotary Torque Sensors provide a direct in-line method of measuring shaft torque and, when combined with a speed pick-up, shaft power. While typically more expensive and more complicated to install than motor power monitors such as the Unipower system, they are the preferred solution in many cases such as:

  • High Accuracy - by measuring torque on the drive shaft directly, the best possible accuracy is achieved
  • High Bandwidth - again, direct measurement yields the best possible frequency response
  • Mechanical Drive - electrical power monitors only function with electric motor drives; for other power sources, a torque sensor is required

WEN Technology offers two types of non-contact, in-line rotary torque sensors for industrial and laboratory applications:

TorqSense: A new technology based on the use of SAW (surface acoustic or Rayleigh waves) resonators as the strain measurement element for the torque sensor. This new technology enables simple, robust, compact and cost-efficient non-contact rotary torque sensors with full scale ranges from 5 lb.in FS to 20,000 lb.in FS.
Optical: An established technology based on the modulation of a light beam through a pair of gratings. This technology excels where very low Full Scale ranges - from 1 ozf.in - or very high bandwidths - up to 50kHz - are required.
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