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TorqueSense Rotary Torque

Based on a revolutionary new, patented, technology using SAW (surface acoustic wave) strain sensing elements, TorqSense sensors offer a superior solution to non-contact rotary torque measurement in industrial applications.

The SAW devices are very high frequency, frequency modulating strain sensitive elements which provide the following benefits when used for torque monitoring:

  • Resolution - typically 1 part in 109
  • Stiffness - because of the high inherent resolution, shaft sections are utilized which are twice as stiff as the typical strain-gage system
  • Zero Stability - the SAW elements are remarkably stable and not susceptible to the same zero drift problems as strain-gage elements
  • Noise Immunity - the low impedance, frequency modulated circuit offers exceptional noise immunity and is suitable for applications inside variable speed electrical machines
  • Inherently Non-Contact - the SAW elements are coupled via concentric antenna which eliminates slip-rings, on-shaft telemetry or coupling transformers
  • Low Inertia - direct coupling via RF eliminates the need for coupling transformers and their associated inertia
  • Low Drag - bearing related only

The simplicity of the design results in an excellent cost - performance relationship making TorqSense technology particularly suitable to OEM applications and custom designs.

TorqSense sensors are available in six frame sizes with Full Scale ranges from 5 lbf.in to 20,000 lbf.in.

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