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The Unipower® family of power monitor modules protect equipment driven by 3-phase motors - pumps, fans, conveyors, mixers, mechanical drives... from damage that can occur if a motor continues to drive against a mechanical fault.

Typical Applications:

  • Pumps- blockage, run-dry, cavitation protection
  • Conveyors and feeders- blockage protection, auto-reverse unblock feature
  • Grinding mills- feeder control and blockage protection
  • Mechanical drives- Immediate recognition of overload
  • PLC/PC Controllers- accurate power transducer input


  • Family of modules
    specific solutions for specific applications
  • Simple set-up
    front panel programming and display, no pots or trimmers
  • True Power Display
    bright LED's display true power (%)
  • Up to three alarm limits
    one, two or three alarms
  • Peak hold
    capture and store both max. and min. power values
  • Analog Output
    0(4)-20mA current loop output
  • Bright LED Display
    easy readability at any angle
  • dP/dt and hysteresis functions
    for control of secondary systems
  • Ts and Tr delay timers
    to adjust sensitivity and eliminate false trips
True Power
The Unipower® family measures true motor power using the function P= x V x I x cos ø
This power is directly proportional to the load applied to the motor by the machine and is superior to measuring motor current, particularly at partial load.
True power graphic
Unipower® Family
The Unipower® approach offers a family of intelligent modules for measuring and monitoring motor power. Each module has a particular program and function allowing appropriate modules to be matched with specific applications.
In this manner, Unipower® units can typically replace a number of components with a single, self contained module.
Custom programs are easily accomodated and will be quoted on request for your unique application.
All modules are programmed from the front panel using four keys - UP, DOWN, MODE, RESET. A bright LED display shows selected values.
Historical trend data- peak/min. power - is always stored. These values are available from the front panel display and are used for setting the alarm limits.
Programming is as easy as calling up the historical max./min. values during normal running and setting the alarm trip points with respect to these values. All programming is done at the front panel easily and accurately using the mode, up and down keys.
With Unipower®, all guess-work in setting up trip points is totally eliminated!
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